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Professional Experiance

2019-  2023

Elhamy moved permanently to LA California and continues with his passion for art and everything Egyptian. His studio (Graffiti San Pedro) is to be open on December 7, 2023, his 79th birthday.

2003 - 2019

Owner and artistic director, Graffiti Cairo – a graphic arts studio and gallery located in Ma’adi, Cairo, Egypt with workshops for the production of the woodwork line and 10 outlets for the products.Co-owner of Sandouqa. A showroom for educational toys. Co-owner of Hands: a company that produces design furniture and garden accessories. Co-owner of Maadi guides: specialized guides on diverse topics like: galleries, women, wedding, pets, entertainment and new comers.

1997 - 2003

Communications & Public Awareness Manager at the Cairo Air Improvement Project (CAIP). Entered as communications specialist – promoted to senior designer then manager.

1989 - 1997

Owner and artistic director, Graffiti Cairo. Consultancy in packaging with Gerber Egypt. Consultancy in Public awareness with Chemotic, Egypt on the   Green Com project  for the Ministry of Water Resources and  Irrigation.

1987 - 1989

Art director, Eastern Language System, Provo Utah. Responsible for advertising, creating new Arabic typefaces, and translating the computer manual for Al Katib Al Dawli.
 Freelance work for The  LDS Church. Guest lectures on Egyptian Art. Employed  at WYCAT Computers designing computer graphics using and Beta   testing Botticelli

1981 - 1987

Owner and artistic director of Graffiti Cairo.

1980 - 1981

Art director, Publics graphics, Cairo. (Middle East representatives of McCann –   Erickson.)

1979 - 1980

Art Director, AMA (Advertising & Marketing Associated—S.O.P./Grant- K&E  Group) New AMA Leo Burnett.

1979 - 1980

While pursuing graduate studies:
-  Lecturer, cultural consultant, and graphic designer at the American University in Cairo.
-  Arabic language teacher (AUC)
-  Egyptian Culture teacher (Cairo American College)
-  Lecturer and tour guide for various groups and organizations
-  Recorded Arabic language tapes for the  American University in Cairo.
Published two series and prints and ten different greeting cards

1968 - 1974

While serving in the Egyptian Army
-  Designed puppets, stage costumes, interiors, and murals
-  Illustrated articles in Radio and TV Magazine
-  Illustrated and published articles in Sabah El Kheir (Good Morning)
Magazine, one of Egypt’s most respected youth magazines.
Official military duties including cartography.

1967 - 1968

Researcher, Egyptian Folk art Center, Cairo.