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Graffiti (Cairo Today Magazine)

By Mohamed Ragheb

Elhamy Naguib thinks that the present communication barrier between graphic artists and the general public exists because of a certain rigidity on the part of art critic and even a majority of artist. Through his gallery, Graffiti Cairo, he is attempting to break through this barrier.

There is a widespread tendency to regard artists as holy misfits. Some artists find this view irritating, and some others find it convenient. D.H. Lawrence, for example, was one of the former. In a letter to Lady Ottoline Morrell, he wrote this comment about a review which praised him as having sixth sense:” They all seem determined to make a freak of me-to save their own shortcomings and make them normal”, The implication is that normal people have no use for the work of a freak. This civilized ploy to smother challenges to the cultural status quo often works so well that many graphic artists, by overidentifying with demigods such as Van Gogh and Modigliani, who labored in obscurity and poverty, and became rich and famous after dying young, play the part of holy misfit even before having been cast into it. Anticipating rejection from the general public, they avoid.