Jewelry boxes have been a fascination for Egyptians and visitors of

Egypt. Graffiti and Sandouqa are involved presently in

Inspiration for the new models come s from Bedouin Kilims and

from Ancient Egyptian and Coptic boxes. Follow us closely for new

designs and sophisticated craftsmanship.

The Art of medieval illumination

 This is our most recent project,  where we look into the Medie val Egyptian Qur’ans and Bibles for fresh
inspiration .
Our search was for colored cartouches and fields for Arabic Calligraphy either for Divine or secular 
What we discovered in our search was a confirmation of many scholars’ belief that the Medieval Egyptian craftsman knew all the intricacies of his trade and how to adapt his metier to the demands of the patrons wether they were Moslems, Christians or Jews.
Designed Sculptures


In response to designers’ request Graffiti started producing some of its popular figurines in large-sized sculptures. The idea is to provide the art community with a reasonable solution for decorative

sculpture. The new pieces tackles the play between miniature art and garden sculpture. One of our recent rewards is a request by world famous Egyptian artist George El Bahgoury to collaborate with him for the execution of a statue of the late legendary singer Omm


A new brand in garden furniture and accessories.

A team of craftsmen under the leadership of designers
Elhamy Naguib and Ahmed Sultan worked hard for sixmonths to produce a collection of garden furniture and accessories under the brand name “ HANDS” This collection includes tables, benches, flower pots, lightposts, garden sculpture and a variety of pieces offunctional art for outdoor and indoor uses.
Polystone is the material we use for our products. Wemarry it successfully with a number of outdoor materials,namely bronze, brass, wrougt iron, repousse, pierced andhammered metals, stone, marble, mosaic and wetheared wood.
The collection draws from untapped resources in Egyptian and world heritage. Ask about our Maria, Aldonza, Fatima, Norag, Eleganza, and Piccola lines.
We participated in ” Le Marche”  trade fair in December and drew positive feedback from landscapers, architects, designers, city planners, and garden owners.
Our contracts to date include Al Rehab city, Herafiyyat,Studio 206, and a number of residential orders..
The Naqada Report
The Ferka Town

A report and a media presentation on the village architecture of Naqada is the culmination of a year long effort by two groups.  A team of architects and a historian from the Earth Architecture  Association and artist Elhamy Naguib of Graffiti and his team of computer graphic designers.
 The whole team worked under the leadership of architect Magdy Yakoub and the participation of architects Hatem, Lara, and Ahmed Gad The financing of the project was made possible through the  generous contribution of the Goethe Institute.
The team hopes to publish the report by the year 2006. The report contains a historical introduction, 286 photos, 3 architectural drawings, 9 sketches, 3 water colors,and 5 computer generated
analytical drawings.
For more information contact: myacoub@link net or graffiticairo@yahoo.c
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